A Reason for Hope: Unlock God’s Identity in You


Maybe you’ve heard comments like this from a parent, a spouse, or co-worker. Statements like, “You’re not that important,” or “Who do you think you are?” or “No one believes in you.” Words like these can be dismissed as harmless, but they strike at the foundational doubts with which we all struggle. Many of us have taken this kind of gut-punching, identity assault at a young age. As a result, we all wrestle with our worthiness before God and value before others. Are you good enough? Will God accept you? How do you earn His approval? Adding to the chains of doubt are centuries of scriptural misunderstandings and the voices of those who aim to exploit your broken self-view.

How would you function if you believed what God knew about you? What would your future be like if you knew the incredible identity you’ve been given as a follower of Jesus? In A Reason for Hope, Pastor Samuel takes you on a journey into the true message of salvation. You will discover freedom from lies of unworthiness and firmly possess a reason for hope.

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Auxano Publications (November 14, 2020)




Stephen Samuel